Southern Plantings

trench for irrigation and planting holes dug

Southern Plantings proceeding at Molloy

The southern planting crew is staying on schedule with the recent completion of holes and trenching in preparation for planting. The idea was to put a 50cm auger down to about 90cm. The soil will be sufficiently loosened so that the new trees will have a bit easier time of it trying to get established.¬†Ace local contractor Brad Bell made short work of the task with his portable rig running up one side of the road and down the other.…

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Trees funded by Council

JAMARR is pleased to thank the Mareeba Shire Council for a cash donation to secure the trees for our Southern Approach beautification project. Cr Nipper Brown led the effort to secure the funding for a project that has attracted interests across the region. Working group member Rupert Russell noted: “This will enable us to purchase really good stock from excellent nurseries.” Rupert has already placed the order for 25 trees from Gaylene Sheather, the head of Douglas Shire’s nursery and…

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