Welcome to the 2018 Committee

JAMARR turned the wheels on another year and celebrated our 22nd JAMARR AGM on 12 April 2018 with 20 locals attending along with Mareeba Shire Mayor Tom Gilmore and Councillors Angela Toppin and Lenore Wyatt.
(Shown above, L-R: TJ McCaldin, John Brisbin, Rupert Russell, Gerda Domen – Marc and Julie Nolan in the background)

Finances were presented by the much-appreciated outgoing Treasurer Julie Nolan. JAMARR is solvent and making modest gains thanks to the influx of administrative fees via a number of grant projects being undertaken.

Cr Angela Toppin was kind enough to serve as Returning Officer. The Committee stood down and were thanked for their service. As Mayor Gilmore remarked, it was pleasing to have a challenger for the President and Vice President positions this year, and all nominees were thanked for the interest in supporting the group.

2018-19 Committee as Elected
President: Gerda Domen
Vice President: Rupert Russell
Treasurer: TJ McCaldin
Secretary: John Brisbin

Of particular note, we thank Theresa Brown, long-term JAMARR supporter and diligent Treasurer, for agreeing to handle the book-keeping work this year. TJ McCaldin has agreed to sit as Treasurer and will oversight the books as prepared by Theresa. We’re privileged to have such skilled and amenable folks step forward to keep the good ship JAMARR sailing!

With the AGM settled, we opened a Regular Meeting and conducted business as usual til closing at 21:20 and commencement of tasty nibbles, bad jokes, fabulous visions, and questionable facts.

Til next year!

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