(Amber Dahlberg and Clare Hawse rescued an injured kookaburra on their way to the meeting and had a chance to share the inspection of the poor bird’s dietary history….who says JAMARR meetings are dull??)

Very pleased to report that the 2021 Annual General Meeting attracted a loyal roll-up with plenty of good conversation, questions, and ideas being exchanged both in the meeting and at the convivial cuppa following.

In particular we were able to thank Gerda Domen for her generous and competent leadership over three terms as President. Public speaking and meetings are not Gerda’s favourite hobby, but she stepped up to the plate and gave the role her best efforts. She has been a lovely example to the community and her courage and decency are much appreciated.

This year’s Committee is:

  • President: Rupert Russell
  • Vice President: Simon Hawse
  • Treasurer: Lindsay Fisher
  • Secretary: John Brisbin


Special thanks to Carol Iles who presided as Returning Officer.

JAMARR is your local progress association. The projects we undertake, and the issues we focus on are up to all of us to discuss an decide.

This is your local: come on in, share your talents, share some stories, and find some ways to enrich your experience of this marvellous stretch of country.