Members and guests gathered in the Mount Molloy Memorial Hall for JAMARR’s twenty-seventh annual general meeting on 13 April 2023.

Thanks to an enthusiastic turnout, there was no trouble confirming a quorum or being assured of the support in the room for one of the region’s longest-serving institutions.

A report on the year was offered by President Rupert Russell and finances were tabled on behalf of acting Treasurer Simon Hawse, who was present by proxy.

This year’s committee is:

  • President: Rupert Russell
  • Treasurer: Simon Hawse
  • Secretary: John Brisbin

JAMARR is your local progress association. The projects we undertake, and the issues we focus on, are up to all of us to discuss and decide.

This is your local: come on in, share your talents, share some stories, and find some ways to enrich your experience of this marvellous stretch of country