Yellow-Bellied Glider Campaign

Fluffy Glider
(this project is not in our area, but is close to the heart of one of JAMARR’s leading members, Rupert Russell)


Rupert has been volunteering his time and talents to help create a safe, healthy environment for a vulnerable species of possum called the Yellow-bellied glider near Ravenshoe since 1979. The bit of scrub he and others have been protecting is also an endangered ecosystem type, so both the glider and the forest are very special. Unfortunately, this is also a State timber reserve (Tumoulin), and the word is that logging operations are on the way. Please take a moment to sign Rupert’s petition and help make it clear to the government that we’d prefer this forest to remain intact: UPDATE: The petition is now closed. It attracted over 97,000 (!!) signatures worldwide, including over 2000 people from Queensland. Rupert provided these results to the responsible government officials and we hope for the best.


‘Dear Yellow-bellied Glider’

Dear Yellow-bellied Glider … I’m a friend from afar, but I’ve only just realised how precious you are. The tall forest you live in, is now under great threat from disturbance and logging we’ll surely regret. We know your cousins down South have a much larger home, but up here in the North you have nowhere to roam. For you thrive in a forest of tall eucalypt trees – an island of refuge in pre-harvested seas. For the sap, nectar and pollen you seek in the dark, you depend on the blossoms, tree branches and bark. You spend time with your family and in making a nest, for the trees are your home and the place where you rest. Dear Yellow-bellied Glider, with all things aside, you’re so agile and able to run and to glide. But I ponder – I puzzle why we humans are slow to realise ‘without trees’, you have nowhere to go. So I’ve gathered my words in a poem to defend and protect the tall forest on which you depend. For the moment, ‘goodbye’, for I will write you again with good news, I would hope, your tree-home will remain. Pauline Hitchcock ~ o0o ~

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