Southern Plantings proceeding at Molloy

trench for irrigation and planting holes dug

The southern planting crew is staying on schedule with the recent completion of holes and trenching in preparation for planting. The idea was to put a 50cm auger down to about 90cm. The soil will be sufficiently loosened so that the new trees will have a bit easier time of it trying to get established. Ace […]

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Trees funded by Council

JAMARR is pleased to thank the Mareeba Shire Council for a cash donation to secure the trees for our Southern Approach beautification project. Cr Nipper Brown led the effort to secure the funding for a project that has attracted interests across the region. Working group member Rupert Russell noted: “This will enable us to purchase […]

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World Labyrinth Day 2018

Labyrinth maintenance: Lyn Gore

A harmonious gathering of nearly 40 people enlivened the Labyrinth Oval at Mount Molloy on 5 May 2018. Although the turf and the inter-row growth was looking a bit splotchy, the locals and visitors were pleased to circulate and chat on a beautiful early Dry afternoon. Celebrating community, contemplation, kids, and a couple of coldies: We […]

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Welcome to the 2018 Committee

JAMARR turned the wheels on another year and celebrated our 22nd JAMARR AGM on 12 April 2018 with 20 locals attending along with Mareeba Shire Mayor Tom Gilmore and Councillors Angela Toppin and Lenore Wyatt. (Shown above, L-R: TJ McCaldin, John Brisbin, Rupert Russell, Gerda Domen – Marc and Julie Nolan in the background) Finances […]

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Heritage Trail Planning Day

A modest yet lively group assembled on Father’s Day morning in August to undertake the much-anticipated Heritage Trail Planning exercise. The session was facilitated by Dr Wendy Seabrook, whose consultancy Learning from Nature, is focussed on low-input productive landscapes. Wendy led a brief introduction and orientation to how the day might unfold. The three stages […]

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Council visit to Babbler Hill

On a hot Dry afternoon a delegation of Councillors and CEO Peter Franks rolled in for a visit and orientation to Babbler Hill. The Councillors–Nipper Brown, Lenore Wyatt, and Mary Graham–were returning from an inspection trip to spectacular Mt Spurgeon, and were appreciative of the cool coconut water and shade provided at Babbler Hill. Rupert […]

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General Meeting: 2017-08

The General Meeting at Molloy on 10 Aug 2017 was a well-attended and lively affair. We thank in particular Alan (Nevo) and Lesley Neven for attending and updating folks about the Friends of Molloy Cemetery project. Please see the draft minutes and Financial report attached for more details. Minutes_201708-draft jamarr-treasurer-report-201708

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